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Friday, January 30, 2009



At Featherwinds Guest Inn and Bed and Breakfast, you can be assured, all of our breakfasts are full, hot and gourmet made fresh each morning. You may wake up to:


Our very popular Cheddar, Apple and Herb Soufflé, a favorite and exceptional presentation. served with sausage, ham or bacon or vegetarian style if desired. Fresh coffee, specialty teas and juice.


Egg Gruyere Pastry

Gorgeous golden brown bacon and egg Gruyere Pastries with spinach and roasted red peppers enclosed. A fresh fruit plate with organic greens garnish, morning time pear and crème fresh buttermilk dressing, spritzer of passion fruit and guava, fresh coffee and specialty teas.


Southwest Breakfast Crepe

A large crepe filled with 2 scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, and green peppers, topped with a special breakfast salsa, served with a morning fresh homemade muffin and seasonal fruit. Fresh coffee, specialty teas and juice.


Baguette Pillars

A favorite, where the old is new again.

Fresh homemade spiral baguette of French pillars soaked in custard (a truly wonderful French toast). Baked and topped with butter almond apricot streusel, served with hot fresh lemon and apricot syrup. On the side, tasty grilled country ham, fresh coffee, specialty teas and juice.

These are examples of a few of our gourmet breakfasts served here at Featherwinds. We use only the freshest foods and ingredients when cooking.


Dessert is always offered in the evenings until 9:00 pm and is varied. They include a seasonal offering of warm cobbler, specialty chocolate cakes, and fresh fruits with various creams, éclairs and more!

If you have any food allergies, please be sure to let us know at time of booking. We do our best to meet your needs of any food allergies and lifestyles.

Warmest wishes from Featherwinds Staff.

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