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Monday, March 9, 2009

Featherwinds, Leavenworth Weddings

The year seems to be passing us by very quickly. With the economy, pressures of work, finding time and organizing your wedding can be very stressful. Featherwinds is here to help. Our onsite wedding and event coordinators assist you with most every aspect of your wedding and reception. Our coordinators not only assist you with the planning of your wedding; they will also assist you with lodging needs, reception details, and decorating, catering and floral needs. Once the planning details are done, our coordinators also assist you during your wedding and reception. Our onsite wedding coordinators you remember the "little" details that are all to often forgotten until the last minute; the day of your wedding. We care what is important you. We also offer ideas and options to enhance your wedding; to make it YOUR WEDDING.

Our mission is to make your wedding as stress free as possible. You do not have to handle your wedding plans alone; our wedding coordinators will help you stay organized, on track and focused. We provide forms to help stay organized. We have an ongoing open communication with you during all stages of planning and deliverance of your wedding.

Catering at Featherwinds is unique. We do not offer a set menu (chose menu A or B), we offer you the choice of what you want; a customized menu based on what you like and want to offer your guests. We have done deli style buffet to personal beef and chicken wellington entrees. You even have a choice of cake flavors and fillings for your wedding cake. Speaking of wedding cake, with our wedding packages, your wedding cake is included. Our wedding cakes are made fresh for your wedding, decorated to highlight your wedding theme and your personality. Your likes and dislikes are very important to your decision making and we respect your decisions. Remember, it is your wedding and we do everything in our power to make your dreams come true.


Day-Use Wedding and Luncheon Buffet Reception: you can have your wedding at Featherwinds with no lodging required. Our elegant Day Use Wedding Package includes your wedding cake, flowers and table centerpieces, tables, chairs, linens and much more including clean up! For more information click the link below:

Featherwinds Day Use Wedding and Luncheon Buffet Reception Package


Destination Wedding Package: this package offers the option of lodging here at Featherwinds. Featherwinds has 5 facilities that can be reserved for your wedding guest lodging. All facilities are within walking distance of the Sunroom where weddings and receptions are held here at Featherwinds. We also offer the option of an outdoor wedding. Our wedding grounds feature a wedding gazebo, lush green grass seating area, a beautiful deck to start your walk down the aisle and many gorgeous photo "backdrops". For more information click on the link below:

Featherwinds Destination Wedding Package


We are here to assist you make your dreams come true.

Featherwinds, where memories are made and life is celebrated.

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